Sharing is caring – my Git instance

Some days ago I noticed another time that I have far too little knowledge about Git.

„Time to change that!“, I thought and set up my own Git instance and also installed gitweb for better usability.

Upside 1: I can keep track of the many (mainly bash) scripts I wrote in the past and all the changes I will adopt in the future.

Upside 2: You can hopefully benefit from using and reading my code. All code is licensed under GNU GPL v3 so please feel free to use, study, share and improve my work!

Some noteworthy projects I’m (a bit) proud of:

Any questions, ideas or improvements? Please contact me!

Update 26.02.2016

I washed away the quite basic gitweb instance and moved to Gogs. Here’s why and how. Links to the project may have changed because of that (and I’m too lazy to change them here).